Contest for radiologists

Contest for radiologists

Contest for radiologists

The use of artificial intelligence technologies in radiology diagnostics

Intellogic LLC(Botkin.AI project) in cooperation withthe Russian Society of Radiologists (RSR) announces a contest for radiologists. The purpose of the competition held is scientific research activities aimed at the development of modern diagnostic imaging technologies and the integration of artificial intelligence technologies into the radiology diagnostics.

It is necessary to send a proposal of artificial intelligence technologies use in radiology diagnostics to be eligible for the contest. The proposal should describe the following obligatory sections:

  • What medical task/problem should the suggested product/method solve?
  • Why the proposed solution will be better than the existing method of solving a medical problem?
  • How exactly the suggested solution could be implemented in the current activities of radiologists?

Application terms & conditions

Applications for the contest should be sent before 10/01/2019 to following email address:
Application template is available here:

Contest dates

The contest will be held in 2 stages:
By 10.10.2019, the contest semi-finalists would be determined, it will be announced at a special event within the international congress “Information Technologies in Medicine”, Moscow, October 10-11, 2019.
Contest finalists will be invited to the congress of the Russian Society of Radiologists (November 6-8, 2019), during which the contest winners will be announced.

The contest winners will be awarded:

  • Valuable prizes
  • Help with articles publishing
  • Job offer for Botkin.AI project