The company creates and develops products using artificial intelligence technologies

for clinics, pharmaceutical companies, contract-research organizations, insurance companies

System for the analysis and recognition of medical images

One of the company's first product is designed to recognize medical images from CT and MRI

Recognition and displaying ROI и ROI 3D

Based on the results of image recognition, the radiologist can obtain information about the ROI identified in a particular slice

Information about ROI 2D:

  • location
  • area
  • Hounsfield density
  • length (max)
  • proximity of the pleura
  • the probability of malignancy (in the form of an RGB card)

Information about ROI 3D:

  • location (segments)
  • volume
  • calcinates
  • components
  • type (solid or system)
  • averaged Hounsfield density
  • likelihood of malignancy

Assessment of the degree of malignancy

It is implemented in the form of a density map (a map of density probability), which is a visualization of the mathematical algorithm for the probable evaluation of tissue sites (pixels) as tumor maps and is a probability map where the objects with the highest probability, estimated as malignant, are highlighted in red

Generating of reports

Creation, editing and storage of research reports, includes a tool for creating a radiologist report with the ability to save and edit